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The One Bay Area Plan of ABAG/MTC is an Attack on the Suburbs

November 17, 2013


The 1070 foot new MTC transit center that will tower above the San Francisco skyline with about 53 floors, all filled with unelected bureaucrats, mostly enviro-crazies, “stakeholders” who are claiming a stake on suburban property rights. They intend to take over the planning and governing functions of Bay Area suburbs, destroying the time-honored local control which we have enjoyed since the Nation’s founding. They intend to run roughshod over homeowner property rights, forcing abandonment of homes and transfer of home-owners to anti-family block-houses located at transit centers. These blockhouses are not only anti-family, they are frequently crime centers, such as New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Detroit and others, many of which were finally destroyed by the government that built them.
The suburbs will be subject to stakeholder regulations calling for reducing roadway widths, reducing use of automobiles, and restoration of nature for wild animals in areas now occupied by private homes and local businesses.
The 1070 foot building and the unelected bureaucrats and stakeholders will all be paid for by taxes on suburban property owners. The best solution is for Pleasant Hill and other East Bay suburbs is to get out of MTC and ABAG. Resign, as Corte Madera has already done.
Below is a reference to the SFBAYAREA Property Rights organization website; they have been at the forefront of resistance to the One Bay Area Plan. They have publications, videos, and great blogs for informing on this issue.
If you have heard of UN Agenda 21, One Bay Area its local implementation through an organization called “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” (ICLEI). This organization has already subverted over 600 cities and counties across the country. While not authorized by Congress, Agenda 21 is being actively implemented by many federal departments. Much of the One Bay Area Plan has been adapted from “Urban Trialogues – Localizing Agenda 21”, published by the UN Habitat in Kenya.
In California we have a collection of laws that push implementation of Agenda 21. These include Arnold Schwarzenegger’s AB 32, Steinberg’s S375, and the Steinberg-Brown S1, among others. S1 calls for super-agencies like MTC/ABAG to replace local government throughout the state. Governor Brown did not sign S1 however the legislature promises to bring it up again next session.
The Obama Administration’s war on the suburbs has integrated Agenda 21 into its future plans to ethnically balance all the neighborhoods in the country with their “Affirmatively Further Fair Housing” (AFFH). An excellent reference is “Spreading the Wealth – How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, by Stanley Kurtz. According to Kurtz, this will be a major Obama thrust in his last 3 years of this term.
Reference to federal sites:
The following reference is from the President’s own “Building One America” (BOA) website. This policy statement mirrors the .gov website almost exactly, demonstrating the influence of BOA on the government programs:
Tomorrow night (10/30/13) at 5:30 PST a Glenn Beck Special on Agenda 21 will be shown live, focusing on Plan Bay Area. This will be free to view. It can be streamed from The Blaze on demand after air time.