By Ron Kilmartin
C.A.I.R. , the Muslim Brotherhood and etc., have been given a free run by Obama to castrate American agencies that have heretofore been the first line of home defense against Islamic terrorism, such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and a myriad of smaller organizations. What used to be the best of the best is now a collection of Keystone Cops agencies (apologies to Charlie Chaplin), afraid of the shadow of Islam.
The leadership of all these agencies should be fired. They seem to value their job and retirement program with greater regard than their country. They should be replaced with one umbrella czar appointed by and directly responsible to Congress, NYPD top cop Chief Kelly who knows how to handle the Islamic surveillance problem.
Chief Kelly should have full authority to fire and hire to restore these agencies to first-rate positions defending the country against Islamic jihad.
http://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/04/obamas-scrub-of-all-mention-of-islam-from-counterterror-training- http materials-under-fire-after-boston-j.html


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