Common Core – An Obama Milestone on the road to serfdom

Ron Kilmartin, April 13, 2013
If you are now or will be raising young children in K12 public schools, you owe it to them and to yourselves to find out about Common Core, an Obama program for collectivizing K12 children. A good quick summary can be found in this article by Dean Kalahar: Common Core: Nationalized State-Run Education.
Kalahar traces some of the origins of Common Core back to the cultural Marxist Frankfurt School of Social Research, whose staff later took over Columbia’s teacher college and propagated cultural Marxism throughout American academe.
Parents in some of the states have started to push back, causing some of those states to outlaw common core. The facebook page below is a good resource, and the columns of writer Michelle Malkin titled Rotten to the Core are another. Here is the link to the first article in Malkin’s series:
She has exposed many of Common Core’s mal-features in math, reading, and indoctrination.
The Facebook Page for Parents and Teachers Against Common Core is:


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