The Diabolic DEMPUB axis – Vote them out!


The Diabolic DEMPUB axis – Vote them out!

September 11, 2012                               

Ron Kilmartin

Democratic Party Politicians have a diabolic symbiosis with the public employee unions, herein the “DEMPUB” axis of evil.

Where in the Ten Commandments is there any restriction on pushing your high on-the-hog living and gold-plated retirement costs on to the progeny of real workers (and even their own) out to the 2nd or 3rd  or umth  generation?  The DEMPUBs behave like there is none. 

God in all His wisdom probably did not think  that man was capable of such a diabolic evil, so He did not specifically covered generational theft in the Ten Commandments.  It probably come under Number 7, “Thou shalt not steal”, which covers real-time theft, but out in the future for 10 to 60 years or more?   Number 10 –  “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”  can hardly apply to yet unborn “neighbors” who will not be born until the exploiting DEMPUBs are themselves 6 feet under (or maybe in the 4th Circle of Dante’s Inferno -greed).

Indeed, where in the laws of man is such an evil covered?   Theft?  But theft from people not even born yet?  The actual crime, the theft, does not occur until the perpetrators are long dead.  So there is no way that the laws of man can get at these thieves.  The future children (who are lucky enough to not be aborted under Democratic Party guidelines)  get tabbed at birth with their great and great-great grandparent’s public union bills for their life of fatted luxury and gold plated pensions, and with the Democrat politician’s reelection financing for term after term over a lifetime (plus a gold plated pension)?

This is not just a city or county problem.  It is the problem of every school district, every fire district, every unelected government council, the state government in Sacramento and all its agencies, and the federal government, including Congress and right up to the White House, where the current Dear Leader is the national champion bar none of the DEMPUBS.

We need a new ethic for setting compensation for public employee unions, a new rule that their average salary cannot exceed the average salary and benefits of the private sector taxpayers that pay their salary, including all health and retirement costs, just like everybody else, and no more guaranteed retirement checks at taxpayer expense.  They must guarantee their own retirement.  If they do not like it, they can always join the private sector.

The DEMPUBs are raiding our pockets and our kids and future kids pockets every day.  The politicians have always been and are today in the hands of the public employee unions.  On November 6 however, the politicians fall into the voters’ hands. 

On November 6th Voters should take out every sitting  Democratic politician and  Rhino (from city council to the White House) as they are all in the hands of the public employee unions and have happily participated in this generational  theft, sapping our wealth as well as our progeny’s wealth before they are even born!

It does not matter who you vote for, just vote the present gang of thieves  out!  If there is no opponent, write in your own name or someone else, or Donald Duck.  Even a vote for a new Democrat would be OK provided he/she abjures union support (that will be the day, like when hell freezes over).

There may be a Democrat or Rhino politician somewhere who have never given in to the temptation to take Union backing, but he or she would be a rare bird indeed.  In fact, cheers for that person, he or she deserves re-election!  The thing for voters to remember is show the current mob the door.



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