Ron Kilmartin

September 2, 2012

The history of the 20th Century shows that it only takes a small ruthless power-seeking gang to con a population, take over a country, install a dictatorship, and impose one tyranny or another. The first step is usually to take over a party or establish a new one – to have a powerful dedicated organization of street gangs and loyal leaders. The 20th Century is replete with such human disasters.

The Islamists of North America are converging on Charlotte, NC for a Jumah at the same time as the Democratic National Convention.  The Dems have invited a contingent of Islamic Imams and supporters to speak.  Recently, the President has inexplicitly had the Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of America, as guests of the White House, and he has supported their take-over of Egypt.

According to Pam Geller’s column today (9/2/12), over 20,000 Muslims are expected in Charlotte by the “Bureau of Indigenous Muslims Affairs (BIMA) BIMA appears to be a deceptive ploy for the reader to compare with the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, and to support their latest taqiyya (lie for sake of Islam) that they were here in America before the American Indians.

That is quite a gang (The DNC is expecting only 35,000+15,000 journalists ( ), so 20,000 Islamists amount to a 40% increase over the non-Islamists.  As a group, or collection of groups, the Islamists seek the power to establish an American Caliphate and establish Islam over all other religions.

Are they seeking to take over the Democratic Party in Charlotte? The Obama cabal has made it plain that the Islamists are welcome into the Party.  However, at this convention the Progressives, Unions and the Enviros (who are the party owners) will likely be in charge, leaving not much room for interference by an Islamist gang, that wants to install an Islamist Caliphate.  However, Islamist gangs are expert at agitation and getting their way, probably even better than the Alinskyites.  If it were to happen, it would not be the first time.

For once I am cheering for the Democratic Party Owners to hang on to the control of their party!  Do not let the Islamist camel’s nose under the tent, regardless of Obama’s naïve love affair with Islam.  If they do get control of the party, it is the end of you, your party, and it is the end of America. If you think these guys are a joke, you are drowning in a politically correct sea of ignorance.



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