2016 Obama’s America

2016 Obama’s America

Re:  American Thinker Article on 2016 Obama’s America *

 comment   by Ron  Kilmartin 8/31/2012

D’Souza did a great job on pre-Chicago Obama. The movie needs a part 2 – Obama in Chicago and a follow up on “President Gamaliel”, (Gamaliel Foundation is where Obama  cut his Alinsky teeth). based on Stanley Kurtz’s book “Spreading the Wealth – how Obama is robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities”. Kurtz brings to life all of Obama’s Alinskyite associates and mentors, their plans for regionalism (cities stealing suburban wealth and dissolving their authority into the cities) and follows the establishment of “Building One America”, successor to Gamaliel, and prime promoter of the war on the suburbs. BOA held a White House conference on July 18,2011, led by Obama’s old cronies and mentors. Obama’s “Sustainable Communities Initiative” forces regional bodies to develop regional equity plans. This was Obama’s first regionalism thrust. Kurtz shows that regionalism is an integral part of Obama’s entire transformation plan, integrated with redistribution of wealth, Obamacare, Climate change, Energy and the rest, possibly using Alinskyite agitation techniques in his second term.

A recent (8/2012) American Thinker paper titled “Obama’s Three-Tiered Wealth Redistrbution Plan: Individual, Regional and Global” (Anon.), highlights Kurtz’s book and Obama’s Senate Bill “Global Poverty Act of 2007” to spend an additional $845 billion from US taxpayers overseas over 13 years, as part of his plan to “change the world”.

Kurtz’s exposure of the Obama Chicago syndicate ranks with Eliot Ness’s work on the Mafia back in the 1930s. I would advise Mr. Kurtz to watch his back. The media never touched on any of this; why is that? Let me guess!

* Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/review_2016_obamas_america_comments.html#disqus_thread#ixzz25CFIc6FC


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