California  Prepares for Global Warming

My Letter to Editor, Contra Costa Times (submitted but not published by Times)

Re “California Prepares for Global Warming”, CC Times 8/1/12.  This article refers to California state propaganda supporting the carbon dioxide myth – the myth than man-made carbon dioxide causes global warming. These state documents naturally support the myth since the writer bureaucrats and consultants  would lose their jobs if AB32 and S375 were dethroned as state law.  Why dethrone them?

These two bills are a hand-in-hand set of laws that are basically an early implementation of UN Agenda 21, which calls for private property to be turned over to the state either through regulation or eminent domain; movement of people to urban stack-and-pack housing, surrender of the suburbs to “nature”, sky-high energy costs, and government by unelected councils (e.g., soviets).  They are the forerunner of state socialism and tyranny, and the loss of liberty and freedom..  It can be argued that these bills and associated bills that depend on the global warming  myth are major causes of the economic funk the state is in, because of their slash and burn policy towards  business throughout the state.


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