Obama Gives Coal Miners the boot

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The Obama anti-coal stance is based on the thin air of the carbon dioxide hoax. Once more we have a lawyer diddling with science, always a prescription for disaster, and in Jackson a rabid environmentalist who not only does not care what she is doing to the economy, she is actively pursuing its destruction through reducing our power systems to third-world levels of blackouts and unreliable service. IF you do not have reliable power 100% of the time you do not run good manufacturing plants, good assembly plants or data farms; you just go out of business.

The EPA is regulating 50% of the coal-fired power plants out of existence. Considering they provide 50% of the nation’s reliable electric power, this means EPA Chief Jackson and El President Obama are removing 25% of the reliable power from the grid. This translates to thousands of industries and millions of jobs going off to never-never land.

What is galling is the Republican House lets the EPA get away with their power grab and does not put the financial squeeze on them .

Congress moreover has the power to outlaw EPA (and the cabal of other global-warming-promoting agencies) from any actions based on regulating carbon emissions. Why does Congress sit on its hands while these agencies are running amuck, setting American industry up for a fall, and the loss of millions more jobs? Why?

Is the house leadership having too many golf games with the president?


2 Responses to “Obama Gives Coal Miners the boot”

  1. william tucker Says:

    To jhelp in reducing deficit and budget, two agencies can be eliminated EPA AND DEA which prohibits industrial hemp which can triple ethanol production w/o usind food products also woul end prohibition $50 B a year or more plus all the jobs and new industries that would emerge saving trees for paper to clean air of CO2 The FDA COULD BE TRIMMED ALSO.

    • ronkilmartin Says:

      William – I see where you are going, but basically I see no problem with CO2, but I do see a huge economic problem with the anti-CO2 religion. It is a global economic disaster, a tsunami which has not yet hit us full blast, but it is coming.

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