It’s a man-made global hoax

It’s a man-made global hoax
Ron Kilmartin
March 23, 2012
California AB 32, S375, Agenda 21 and the insane anti-fossil Obama energy schemes are liberty-smashing and economy-smashing ideas from the liberal-socialist inferno, all founded on the computer propagated notion that man-made carbon dioxide will cause global warming. This idea however is unsupported by data and is in reality a man-made global hoax.
This GIGO computer hoax (garbage in, garbage out) was initially generated at university centers for political climatology (such as Stanford, Cal Berkeley, Cal San Diego, Massachusetts, East Anglia G.B., etc.), and after 3 decades the hoax has propagated throughout the academic and political worlds. Special thanks go to academia, the media, the enviro-NGOs (e.g., Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, etc.), and bureaucratic and political cohorts of every stripe for poisoning the public mind with the CO2 lie at every level, from kindergarten up to and including all the Washington bureaucracies and the U.N.

In Islam, lying is OK if the lie will advance the cause of Islam. In academe, lying seems OK if it will help your university get a fat federal grant. The faux appeal to ethics of some of the lying academics is laughable. And as we have seen with the Department of Energy and Solandra, among others, the bigger the lie the fatter the federal grant. And let’s not leave the bureaucrats out from EPA, NOAA, NASA/GISS, National Academy of Science, Interior, Energy, Agriculture, etc. They have to feather their own nests, like all good bureaucrats – can’t leave any funds unexpended at the end of the fiscal year, can’t say anything about the false basis of the carbon dioxide hoax- can’t upset the applecart. Can’t risk my own job!

How long can a society last that allows itself to go prostrate before this global warming devil-god? Here is an answer: it cannot last. Dr Steven F. Howard, noted economist, predicted that the “80 by 50 rule” (80 percent reduction in CO2 by 2050) to which AB32, Agenda 21, sustainable development, etc., are all pointed, will put the US economy back to the days of the cotton gin. That is pre-indoor toilets for the history-challenged, let alone pre-TV, etc.
The CO2 hoax is turning life into springtime for the lying ruling classes and into winter for the hddled masses. This lie will bring us third-world levels of unemployment far greater than now and unending misery for the next several generations (if you are between 1 and 18, welcome to your lifetime Obama-tax burden especially for you, your children, and your grandchildren).


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