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History’s path to tyranny

May 23, 2012

History’s path to tyranny
Ron Kilmartin

May 23, 2012

Over the past year I have been reading a few pages a day of William L. Shirer’s history of Nazism, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” – Nearly 1200 pages and I have finally finished. It is a masterpiece of journalist history based on Shirer’s own observations beginning in the 1920s. It is centered of course on Adolf Hitler, his cronies, and his generals. As I read this I began mentally comparing it with our current leader and our current administration’s edicts from the EPA and other agencies. I found that there are many similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and Obama’s, as well as the tyranny of the Nazi administration. So I decided to write up my comparative observations, as given below.

It is not that Obama is following a path to Nazism, but that he seems to be following a path to a tyranny that is all his own: racist, anti-rich, pro-socialist, anti-industry, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, , anti-Israel, pro-Islam, anti-Constitution, anti-First Amendment anti-Second Amendment, anti-Fourth Amendment, anti-Tenth Amendment and anti-America, to name a few of the tyrannical tenants of Obamaism.

There are many other historical examples of tyrannical leaders besides Hitler, but for now he will do just fine as a model tyrant, and Shirir’s tome provides a ready means for comparison.

I submitted this article to an internet magazine and was rejected because (1) I misspelled Adolf as Adolph (unpardonable), and because it violated something called the “Godwin Law”. The editor advised me to google it. I admit I had never heard of the Godwin Law, so I took his advice and looked it up –Wikipedia seems like a reasonable source, in this case. The Godwin Law stems from Mike Godwin’s observation in the 1990s that newsgroup chat room discussions that end up citing Hitler or the Nazis ended the thread and further discussion. According to Godwin, the “law” is framed as a memetic tool to reduce the incidence of inappropriate hyperbolic comparisons. Godwin has argued that overuse of Nazi and Hitler comparisons should be avoided because it robs the valid comparisons of their impact.

Acknowledging the Godwin Law, I submit that my comparison is valid. Stalin could be exchanged for Hitler, and Supreme Soviet for the Reichstag. It is all about tyranny, and not there and then, but here and now!

History’s path to tyranny

The Nazi Chancellor Adolf Hitler issued thousands of executive orders stripping freedom, liberty and human rights from the German people, together with orders for extermination of the Jewish people and millions of Eastern Europeans. This began in the 1930s continuing up through his order of April 26, 1942, which made him absolute dictator with life and death power over all the Germans. Throughout all this, the lapdog German Reichstag gave their rubber-stamp of approval to each new demand of the dictator.
Any unbiased observer should have no doubt that Obama is following this same path to tyranny, whether willy-nilly, coincidental, or deliberate. He is issuing executive orders bypassing Congress much as Hitler did with the blessing of the Nazi-dominated lapdog Reichstag. Indeed, some of Obama’s executive orders seem perilously close to being martial law threats, not unlike the orders that drove the militant Nazi Brown shirts, the street thugs of the 1930s.
These executive orders are an extension of Obama’s unrestrained class-warfare: his Alinsky-style hustling of his union gang base, his support of black-panther voter intimidation, his attacks on law enforcement, his reckless open borders policy, his loony anti-human energy and carbon emission policies, his socialized medicine plan, his love-affair with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, his hate affair with the Catholic Church, Israel and the Jews, his troop of schizophrenic socio-commie czars and agency heads who sit up all night devising new spider-webs to entangle and collapse the American economy by overwhelming the system, Clower-Piven style.
And let us not forget the latest Obama-bot’s endorsement of Karl Marx’s class warfare, and the new Obama socialist campaign motto, that great Leninist slogan “Forward”, which was plastered over all the Red Squares of the Communist world in the last century with giant pictures of the local national “Dear Leader”. And slogans perhaps like “Forward, onward, march over the bourgeois trash and the $15 trillion debt, on to Obamatopia! On to $1000 loaves of bread, 50% unemployment, 3rd world electric power, sack-cloth for the serfs, and dachas for the Hollywood and Wall Street nomenklatura. Are we also going forward to Stalin’s Great Terror, Hitler’s Auschwitz, Pol Pot’s killing fields, Castro’s firing squads, and Mao’s Giant Leap Forward? There is that word again! Forward! 100 million died under the “forward” banner of these tyrants.
Just why do we need, as Obama has said, a civilian armed force as strong as the military? What are they for? Who will be their enemy? Will this be Obama’s Brownshirts or Gestapo?
We have a president following Hitler’s dubious path towards tyranny. The question is, does America also have the equivalent of a compliant lap-dog Reichstag in the present Democrat-majority Senate? So far, not a peep out of Senate leader Harry Reid, or any Senate Democrat about the bevy of unconstitutional executive orders. Everyone with a D after their name is just sitting down and letting Obama land executive order haymaker after haymaker in their bellies. It is like they are saying “Oh please hit us again Mr. Obama, those E.O.s just feel so good! Besides, we Democrats could not do them by ourselves because of those nasty liberty-loving Republicans! Yes, Mr. Obama, there comes a time you have to set the Constitution aside and do what you have to do to move Obamaism forward!” Oops, there is that word again, forward.
It is up to the Democrat majority in the Senate to show that they are not aping the Nazis in Hitler’s Reichstag with party line voting or cowardice on calling bad executive orders that bypass the constitutional requirement that laws are made in, and only in, Congress.
In my lifetime, until Obama came along, the most brazen executive attack on the Constitution was Roosevelt’s attempt to pack the court. At that time the Democrat-majority Senate courageously rejected his dictatorial plan. So there is a historic precedent for a Democrat Senate telling a Democrat president to go pound sand. Does the present Democrat Senate have the same courage?
Democrat and Republican Senators alike should support Senator Rand  Paul’s bill S299, the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act”, which has already passed the House. While this bill is looser than I would prefer, it will help set some brakes on an imperial president and his minions who think they have a free reign to do whatever they please.
We need to move not to Obama’s forward to obamaism, we need to move backward, to Constitutional government.


Obama Gives Coal Miners the boot

May 4, 2012

Comment on article “Obama gives coal miners the boot”

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The Obama anti-coal stance is based on the thin air of the carbon dioxide hoax. Once more we have a lawyer diddling with science, always a prescription for disaster, and in Jackson a rabid environmentalist who not only does not care what she is doing to the economy, she is actively pursuing its destruction through reducing our power systems to third-world levels of blackouts and unreliable service. IF you do not have reliable power 100% of the time you do not run good manufacturing plants, good assembly plants or data farms; you just go out of business.

The EPA is regulating 50% of the coal-fired power plants out of existence. Considering they provide 50% of the nation’s reliable electric power, this means EPA Chief Jackson and El President Obama are removing 25% of the reliable power from the grid. This translates to thousands of industries and millions of jobs going off to never-never land.

What is galling is the Republican House lets the EPA get away with their power grab and does not put the financial squeeze on them .

Congress moreover has the power to outlaw EPA (and the cabal of other global-warming-promoting agencies) from any actions based on regulating carbon emissions. Why does Congress sit on its hands while these agencies are running amuck, setting American industry up for a fall, and the loss of millions more jobs? Why?

Is the house leadership having too many golf games with the president?

It’s a man-made global hoax

May 1, 2012

It’s a man-made global hoax
Ron Kilmartin
March 23, 2012
California AB 32, S375, Agenda 21 and the insane anti-fossil Obama energy schemes are liberty-smashing and economy-smashing ideas from the liberal-socialist inferno, all founded on the computer propagated notion that man-made carbon dioxide will cause global warming. This idea however is unsupported by data and is in reality a man-made global hoax.
This GIGO computer hoax (garbage in, garbage out) was initially generated at university centers for political climatology (such as Stanford, Cal Berkeley, Cal San Diego, Massachusetts, East Anglia G.B., etc.), and after 3 decades the hoax has propagated throughout the academic and political worlds. Special thanks go to academia, the media, the enviro-NGOs (e.g., Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, etc.), and bureaucratic and political cohorts of every stripe for poisoning the public mind with the CO2 lie at every level, from kindergarten up to and including all the Washington bureaucracies and the U.N.

In Islam, lying is OK if the lie will advance the cause of Islam. In academe, lying seems OK if it will help your university get a fat federal grant. The faux appeal to ethics of some of the lying academics is laughable. And as we have seen with the Department of Energy and Solandra, among others, the bigger the lie the fatter the federal grant. And let’s not leave the bureaucrats out from EPA, NOAA, NASA/GISS, National Academy of Science, Interior, Energy, Agriculture, etc. They have to feather their own nests, like all good bureaucrats – can’t leave any funds unexpended at the end of the fiscal year, can’t say anything about the false basis of the carbon dioxide hoax- can’t upset the applecart. Can’t risk my own job!

How long can a society last that allows itself to go prostrate before this global warming devil-god? Here is an answer: it cannot last. Dr Steven F. Howard, noted economist, predicted that the “80 by 50 rule” (80 percent reduction in CO2 by 2050) to which AB32, Agenda 21, sustainable development, etc., are all pointed, will put the US economy back to the days of the cotton gin. That is pre-indoor toilets for the history-challenged, let alone pre-TV, etc.
The CO2 hoax is turning life into springtime for the lying ruling classes and into winter for the hddled masses. This lie will bring us third-world levels of unemployment far greater than now and unending misery for the next several generations (if you are between 1 and 18, welcome to your lifetime Obama-tax burden especially for you, your children, and your grandchildren).