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Its Getting CLOUDY for AB32

November 1, 2011

Its Getting CLOUDy for AB32

By Ron Kilmartin

A chorus of dissenters to my letter to the editor (CC Times 9/20/11) seemed to have missed the message while attacking the messengers, myself and Chriss Street, author of “Study Discredits Global Warming, AB32”, which I cited:

The message bears repeating. Nature Magazine, the premier British science magazine, has for over 2 decades been a citadel against publication of any articles ascribing global temperature variation to the sun. In their world, warming had to be due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide. With Nature’s publication of the article on the CLOUD experiment, the walls of this citadel cracked a bit and let some sunlight in (and some cosmic rays).

The CLOUD experiment verified that cosmic rays can create aerosols. The aerosols in turn create clouds, which in turn cool the climate, and conversely cause warming when cloud cover is low. The variation in cosmic ray bombardment of the earth is due to solar wind. When the solar wind is strong, it pushes away cosmic rays. When the solar wind is weak, cosmic rays bombard the atmosphere. The much-hyped climate models do not consider this fundamental climate molder.

By this indirect process solar activity (sunspots) regulates climate. This process was first proposed by Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark in the late 1990s.

The cosmic ray results from CLOUD were similar to results of Aarhus University, Denmark, and the Danish National Space Institute with the ASTRID particle accelerator, reported in May 2011.

The variation in earth temperature with sunspots has long been known but the mechanism eluded discovery until Svensmark came along, and verified after these research efforts were performed. The climate models which have heretofore ignored solar activity now need to be updated to included this process and cloud formation. I anticipate that this will result in nearly all warming/cooling being ascribed to solar activity and little or none being assigned to anthropogenic carbon dioxide. Since AB32 is based on the climate model results, and the updated and corrected models will necessarily downplay the role of CO2 (assuming no modeler meddling with the data). So if AB32 is based on a hoax, which I have long believed, it is time to real this legislation in and stop its funding.

One of the critics to my letter objected to use of the word gorefraud (un-capitalized). A swindle of such incredible magnitude as the climate hoax deserves a special word – I believe gorefraud is an appropriate adjective as it links this well-known liar’s name to a description of the evil crime he, along with thousands of others, have perpetrated.

This crime is already costing the world tens perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars a year which will continue to increase until the people demand that governments quit throwing the sweat of their backs into this black hole, In California AB 32, S375, and the new S23 requiring voodoo green power are environmental straight-jackets on the California economy and major job-killers, as real businesses around the state pack up and leave. At the federal level the EPA has its head as deep in the sand as CARB, with the explicit direction of the President to overrule the people’s Congress.

Global warming? The world has been on a temperature downtrend for over a decade, and today temperatures are at their 1980 levels, and predicted to get much cooler. AB 32’s objective is to bring CO2 emissions down to 1990 levels. Why? It does not even compute, except in the mental gymnastics of some enviro-nazis and their political and bureaucratic cronies.

Angelo M. Codevilla (2010) wrote an excellent book on the American scene “The Ruling Class, how they corrupted America and what we can do about it”. The Ruling Class has by and large bought into the CO2 hoax, and has created corrupt crony networks linking venture-capitalists, the media, academe, unions, politicians and bureaucrats to rip off subsidies from the backs of taxpayers, and with more to come in the form of cap and trade costs, which will be passed directly through to the taxpayer working class. Occupy Wall Street? How about Washington DC and Sacramento, where the ruling class continuously attacks our economic system?