Send it to the Morgue!

Dear Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner:

The President’s tax (a.k.a. “jobs jobs jobs”) bill should go straight to the morgue.

Here is a real plan that will put the country back to work and get the economy humming:

No tax increases, cut capital gains to 15%, defund Obama care, defund the anti-CO2 hoax at EPA and Energy, defund Agenda 21 at Transportation, EPA, Ag and Interior, cut anti-business regs with a machete, open up energy development from Alaska to the Gulf and from California to New York, can the green job mantra and subsidies and make room for real jobs, the ones colored brown!

Then this country will go back to work led by the vital energy sector which is the economic backbone, the national economic engine of this great country. The economy will boom as the people regain confidence in the future, which has been all but lost under Obama.

The flow of oil money to the Middle East will stop. And if the sheiks and the OIC don’t have any money they will cease being a problem for us and Israel both here and abroad.

Islamic Problem solved, no more shots fired.

Balance of Payments problem solved – positive not negative.

Jobs Problem Solved – brown, not green.

Confidence Problem Solved – future looks good, not bleak.

Investment Problem Solved – private not government.

That is a jobs win, an economy win, a tax revenue win, and a foreign policy win all wrapped into one, but most of all it is a win for liberty and freedom and hard-working Americans and their children ad grandchildren.

Obama’s tax (a.k.a.“jobs jobs jobs”) bill is a permanent increase in taxes for another wasteful temporary stimulus. No permanent solutions, just more permanent dependents added to the government dole and more government employees to be paid by an oppressive tax burden on our children and grandchildren out to 3 or 4 generations. The cost of government employees we have now is unsustainable. There must be large scale cuts in numbers, salaries and pensions, starting in Washington D.C. and proceeding to every state, county and city in the land.

The president keeps promulgating European solutions in spite of the fact that the entire European continent is a socialist failure and is teetering on collapse. Are he and his czars and his secretaries totally blind to this reality or simply so steeped in Marxism it is hopeless that they will ever figure out how America works?

Ron Kilmartin

Cc: Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Rep. John Garimendi.


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