Arnold Schwarzenegger on Climate Control

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Climate Control
Bloomberg Business Week by Eric Pooley, 11/24/2010

Extended Comments by Ron Kilmartin

Arnold spins the out-of-state oil companies as big bad villains, but they were outspent over 3 to 1 by in- and out-of-state investors who will harvest huge subsidies and revenues from the people’s pockets. He also never mentions that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association with millions of members supported Proposition 23 and opposes AB 32.

It is surprising that he thinks Cap and Trade is successful in Europe. In fact it is a disaster in Europe, He is oddly misinformed on that issue.
Arnold spinned California on AB 32 just like he spinned Maria on the schnitzel. The fact is that most of the rest of the world has already or is now jettisoning the global warming hoax, as the climategate debacle of 2009 becomes subject to more and more intense global scrutiny debunking the theory on a daily basis.

Arnold and Jerry Brown both need to listen to what the “skeptics” are saying and writing in peer-reviewed technical papers, and check on what the rest of the world is doing re the carbon hoax. It makes no sense for California to be pursuing the Kyoto Treaty mandates when the rest of the world is rejecting them as being baseless. The lifeblood support for AB 32 is from people who will make money from it. It will have absolutely no effect of global climate.

AB 32 contains a provision whereby the governor can set it aside for a year for whatever reason. This option should be exercised by Arnold before he leaves, or if he doesn’t do it, by Jerry Brown when he assumes the office. In my opinion it borders on criminal to allow AB 32 to go into effect when it will choke the state economy even further. It is pure folly to wreck our energy systems in the face of such a weak economy. Soup lines? There may not be even any soup.

The Obama Administration is suspected by many of being a fan of the Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down our capitalistic system and substitute socialism. I do not believe that is Arnold’s intent for California, since I do not believe he is evil. Nor do I believe that of Jerry Brown. But Cloward and Piven, if they were still alive, could not find a better mechanism for California to self-destruct than AB 32


2 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger on Climate Control”

  1. Diane Amble Says:

    Send it to American Thinker,

    • ronkilmartin Says:

      Diane – thanks for the thought – however it was written in 2010 at the time of transition from Arnold to Brown and is not fully timely now. I may do a re-write focusing on Brown.

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