The Elites’ plan to put the USA on the chopping block

The media will likely not cover any attacks on America unless the editors see blood all over their offices. There are major stealth attacks in progress not only from Islam, but from US progressives cum socialists and the international elites. They are inducting the climate change ideology into their stealth bag of tricks and see it as an ideal stealth vehicle to achieve their Utopian vision.

AB 32 is California’s local global warming boondoggle that will cost Californians dearly. But there are others who are busy stirring up this same cauldron at the national and international level, and in our K-12 schools.

Washington is on hold on national cap and trade and climate meddling, thanks to a breeze of common sense that has permeated through congress, at least for the moment. But there are enviro standard-bearers still looking for an opportunity to vote them in during he lame duck session. Meanwhile the EPA is currently running amuck on carbon control and is about to clamp down hard on harmless CO2 emissions throughout the country, at the cost of millions of jobs.

Obama, Hillary and the State Department are meanwhile trying to enmesh the USA in another UN Climate Treaty at the upcoming Cancun Climate Conference (Nov. 18 – Dec. 20). To get an idea of what the UN bunch wants to do to the United States, see this:

This essay pretty clearly shows that control of carbon dioxide at the global level is not about global warming, it is all about bring the USA to its knees and instituting world socialist government on the style of the EU – unelected elites in control, national governments castrated of their autority, and the peasants have no say. Back to the days of Lords and Vassals!

Americans need to understand that the climate control agenda is Newspeak for Global Socialism cum Communism. The tyranny advocated by some of the people quoted in this article is mind-boggling, far outstripping Stalin’s Great Terror or Mao’s Long March in pure anti-human evil.

If you have kids in K-12, you need to know about the Alliance for Climate Education They are brainwashing our kids with hiphop background and the submimal big-goverment message that the big corporations are bad and “we” must take charge – I am paraphrasing, but that is pretty much it. You can expect pressure at home to get on the anti-carbon bandwagon; and they are taking email and twitter addresses of your kids. Lenin wrote that if he could have the children for 4 years, he would make them into good little communist robots. This is what is going on in some of school districts already, making kids into climate bots.

The parallel between the Islamic stealth attack on the USA and the left’s stealth attack on the USA via the carbon control myth is breathtaking. The main difference between these enemies is that one seeks Utopia – the world controlled by communism,. and the other seeks Dar-al-Islam – the world controlled by Islam. In the first case the people would end up as peasants. In the second case as dhimmis.

I hope all addressees will consider these matters, and at Thanksgiving include thanks that today we are still relatively free in this country, and we must be watchful and involved to assure that it stays that way.

Ron Kilmartin


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