Open Letter to Next Congress

October 7, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell
Representative John Boehner

Dear Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Minority Leader Boehner:

1. As a conservative redneck in a blue state, I would like to enumerate my expectations of the coming conservative-elected congress. Whether it should be named Republican, Conservative, Party of No, Country Party, or Tea Party is an interesting question. In the eyes of most conservatives the latter four are all the same. I personally like “Party of No”. which truly means Party of Yes for the U.S. economy.

2. Where there appears to be difficulty is the name “Republican Party”, it is because we can sense that the Ruling Class includes both Republican Rhinos as well as the progressive Marxists on the other side of the aisle. It is time to stop the “hands across the aisle” camaraderie with the progressives. They are out to destroy America. They are our enemy. Cooperation with them is suicidal for us and means scrapping of the constitution and transformation of the country to a socialist tyranny.

3. My expectations are that every single bill passed by the last congress will be repealed in total; or if there are not enough votes in the Senate to override the president, then the HR should simply not fund any of those bills and the bureaucracies should be allowed to wither. Health Care, Finance, Unspent Stimulus, Obama energy bills and every other item performed in this Congress needs to be repealed and assigned to the dustbin of history. This would of course include the whole battery of surreptitious tax levees and fees schattered throughout the healthcare and other bills. Every increase in taxes should be put into a separate bill all by itself so everyone can see what it is and what it is for. We conservatives are sick of the “comprehensive” bills that are so complicated no one knows what is in them

4. I expect a review of the czar appointments and legislation to rein this type of pocket cabinet either out of action or subject to Congressional review of qualifications. If nothing else without the President’s cooperation, then deny the White House 75% of its operating costs.

5. The Bush tax cuts should be made permanent. The SS retirement age should be increased. Capital gains tax should be eliminated and taxes on imports and exports should be eliminated.

6. The mythical basis of the anthropogenic CO2 theory has been thoroughly documented, outside the area of influence dominated by the bureaucrats of NOAA, NASA, EPA, and DOE (energy). These so-called scientists are crooks promoting a lie to keep themselves employed. It is time to cut off all climate research funding in every federal department and agency, and to deny funding to all agencies that have anti-CO2 regulations, particularly EPA and DOE (energy), and to stop all subsidies and tax breaks for green gadgets that have no value if they are depending on the CO2 myth, and in any event have no value to .the American people. Defund them.

7. Congress must exercise its power to direct the EPA. Congress is the constitutionally elected body, not the EPA secretariat. Congress must direct the EPA to cease and desist from any regulations impeding the production of carbon dioxide. All previous regulations depending on the CO2 hoax must be declared null and void, including CAFÉ standards, and the detestable curly-cue light bulbs which require entirely new light fixtures and which cannot respond to instant needs for illumination. This was a congressional act if I recall and it should be nullified.

8. Further, it is time to eliminate the Department of Education. It has been a dismal failure with current graduate scores much lower than when it started, and has become a hotbed of liberal progressives (Marxists) and Islamists propagating anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-capitalism among our youth. We have indeed lost the present 18-25 year old generation to the brainwashing of this unholy cabal. Eliminate the department and send the bureaucrats home (401 k pensions only). Let us not attempt to fix it. Let us just kill it forever.

9. We need to drill for oil on shore and off shore and dam the fascist green torpedos. Nothing good can come out of federal planning for energy development. The feds should bow out except for safety regulatory enforecement. We need nuclear and the feds should get out of the way.

10. No bill should be allowed to be offered that requires more than a total of 10 pages single space 12 point bold type, without any reference to other parts of the U.S. code, and all bills must be the hand-product of elected lawmakers, not outside lobbying organizations such as the Marxist Apollo Alliance that did the health bill. If it is vital to refer to other parts of the US code, that part must be explicitly quoted word for word with the statement that no other words in the code quoted apply and the combined total must fit within a 15 page limit. This restriction in itself will make a major contribution towards the goal of small government.

11. Earmarks must be disallowed, without any question.

12. We do not need a “comprehensive” immigration bill. We need funding for a border fence and for the equivalent of 5 infantry divisions stationed along the border to absolutely enforce border security.

13. USA Today has just done a study showing that the average federal employee makes just over $123,000 per year. That compares to the average non-federal salary of $61,000 per year, i.e., the governing class is being paid over twice as much as the governed class. The governed class is the one producing the Nation’s wealth and the funding for the governing class. It is manifestly unfair for the governing class to have a salary structure and a retirement system any different than the common folks who work to pay their salary.

14. We must have an immediate 4-year program to step down the average federal salary and pension from their current levels to the level of the rest of us. That is a cut of $15,000 a year for four years. Any federal employees who do not like that are invited to come to the private sector and participate in making Gross National Product, instead of absorbing it.

15. The Obama administration is trying to get various anti-constitutional laws and regulations into action such as anti-gun laws and anti-free speech laws. These efforts need to be blocked and the perpetrators exposed and run out of town on a rail.

16. The country faces dangers from the Marxist progressives, the Wahabbi Islamists, Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia. Of these, Obama and the Marxist progressives are currently the most dangerous threat to America, the most insidious, and the most deeply entrenched in Washington. We must break their backs as the top priority, and meanwhile hold the others at bay until we concservatives once again have control of Washington.

I do hope you will pass this on to your respective members, so that all have knowledge of what we red-necks are expecting from the next conservatively elected congress.


Ron Kilmartin
Pleasant Hill, CA


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