The Global Warming Lie

Submitted for possible publication to Catholic Voice and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, May 2010. Revised June 13, 2010.

The Global Warming Lie

An essay delivered to the Catholic Voice and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for consiteration

Ron Kilmartin, Pleasant Hill, CA

“ Some of the hysteric and extreme claims about global warming are [snip] a symptom of pagan emptiness, of Western fear when confronted by the immense and basically uncontrollable forces of nature. Belief in a benign God who is master of the universe has a steadying psychological effect, although it is no guarantee of Utopia, no guarantee that the continuing climate and geographic changes will be benign. In the past pagans sacrificed animals and even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel gods. Today they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions…” Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, Islam and Western Democracies, February, 2006.

Cardinal Pell’s view on man-made global warming differs significantly from that of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which seems to be caught up in the politics of global warming, agreeing with the Gores of this world that we all must reduce our “carbon footprint”.

As a water resources engineer since the 1950s I devoted many years to extension of hydrologic and climatologic data for engineering of water projects around the world. These investigations led to a published paper “Hydroclimatology, A Needed Cross Discipline” (1980) by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The theme of that paper was that climatologic and oceanographic data extension formed a necessary context and adjunct to hydrologic data statistics, extension, and fill-in, particularly in areas with sparse data. The extended data was frequently used for use in risk-based design of projects for irrigation, water supply and hydroelectric power, using both deterministic (process) historical models and stochastic models for alternative futures. Since then, others have written hundreds of papers on hydroclimatology and it has become a multidisciplinary field of its own.

I argue from this background that the recent Climategate discoveries have verified the suspicions of many skeptics , including myself, that the anthropogenic warming theory was wrong. Climategate shed light on the hypocrisy, lies, and shenanigans that have emanated from a small band of powerful zealots in the climate science establishment. The U.S. Bishop Conference has probably been unduly influenced by the suffocating propaganda of the zealots and their allies. The Bishops are not alone.

A digression into climate history at this point is vital. Investigators of the historical agricultural, population and cultural history records of the middle ages (e.g., H.H. Lamb) showed that a major global warming event occurred in the years 850 to 1350 AD (more or less). Now-frozen Greenland was colonized by Eric the Red and Great Britain grew grapes that made better wines than the vines of France. This was at a time when not only were there no SUVs and power plants to generate the dreaded carbon footprint (CO2), it was at a time of a relatively tiny world population of about 300 million, compared to 6,800 million today. The importance of these facts cannot be overemphasized. If the dwarf footprint of medieval man produced no significant warming, the Medieval Warming had to be entirely due to natural causes, as with the Little Ice Age that followed from 1350 to 1850 (mor or less). Since Lamb’s work in the Euro-Atlantic region, other investigators have developed proxy data that mapped the Medieval Warming as a world-wide occurrence.

A finding that stands out from the proxy reconstructions of the Medieval Warming is that the average global temperatures in those times likely exceeded anything experienced in the XX century. To restate this point, the 500-year Medieval Warming was entirely due to natural causes and exceeded the magnitude of the purported global warming of the late XX century. The reason for the adjective “purported” will become clear below.

The global warming zealots nevertheless tried to hide the Medieval Warming since it seriously conflicted with (i.e., totally debunked) their world view that all XX-century global warming was from man-made CO2 emissions. Since the zealots cannot reproduce the Medieval Warming with their deterministic computer models, the algorithms they have written blame the warming all on anthropogenic CO2, and take no account of natural causes.

Various attempts were made to hide the Medieval Warming with incorrect statistical analysis (the so-called hockey stick), and with massaging the data to yield XX-century trend lines that agreed with the zealots’ man-made global warming hypothesis. One of the tricks uncovered in the Climategate affair was the elimination of many cold-weather Siberian and Canadian stations from the global database and substitution of data from urban heat islands. Urban heat islands from major cities like Los Angeles give a false reading on real atmospheric temperature and temperature trends over time, as compared to rural thermometers, which are better samplers of the global atmosphere that are unaffected by ambient heat generation. This subterfuge lead to an exponential exaggeration of the real warming since 1980.

How the history of climate is interpreted is vitally important for asking the question “Is there a problem? Meteorologist Dr. Roy Spencer has reviewed this historic data and has concluded that there actually may have been no significant late XX century warming. The satellite observations since 1979 do not show any warming, and the ground-based temperature data have been compromised by the extensive manipulation done by the agencies charged with maintaining the data: National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) , National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the British Climate Research Unit (CRU). Post climategate studies comparing actual and massaged data (cited below) show a significant difference between actual data and the massaged data, the former generally showing little or no trend and the latter showing significant warming (11,12).

Essentially all the climate studies based on the fowled databases are worthless. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of such studies, all predicting, not surprisingly, a climate Armageddon. We thus have the greatest hoax of all time, really a global conspiracy by the zealots and their cohorts.

The same cabal of agencies charged with maintaining the data are also the offices of some of the most rabid global warming zealots who are responsible for the hoax. Coordination of the hoax has been the job of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has widely propagated the lie that there is a global consensus of scientists supporting the man-made global warming theory. In fact the small handful of scientists involved in writing the final IPCC policy reports were some of the same zealots in the CRU-NOAA-NASA cabal that tinkered with the data in the first place. A key disinformation tactic used by warming advocates was control of dissent. The zealots dictated what papers were published, and they did not allow any dissenting views.

In all fairness to the Conference of Catholic Bishops, their main position paper on climate change is dated 2001, and their technical references were mostly to the IPCC reports then available, all predicting dire consequences from man-made global warming- the Gore propaganda movie featured many of these “predictions”, such as flooding of Manhattan Island, giant hurricanes, drought, etc. The bishops should not be ashamed of their endorsement – hundreds of governments, politicians, environmentalists, professors, teachers, and students were frightened (out of their God-given senses) by this spell of lies, and all jumped on the carbon-footprint bandwagon, based on fear of the unknown and belief in the zealot scientists, instead of, as Cardinal Pell wrote, a benign God.

But it is not just the zealot scientists, it is zealot environmentalists, duped politicians, ethics-challenged bureaucracies such as EPA, NOAA, NASA, CRU and CARB (California Air Resources Board) and their bureaucrats. Big banks like Goldman Sachs, and huge companies like General Electric and British Petroleum are all girding up for big profits under cap and trade. These profits will come directly out of the pockets of taxpayer and energy consumers, with a devastating effect on the poor of the world.

Greenies and Charlatans have perpetrated these frauds not just on the American people but the entire world. To the extent that “green” this and that depend on the CO2 hoax, they have no scientific basis and are doomed eventually for the dust bin of history, along with the CO2 hoax. Thus “cap and trade”, “green jobs”, “green industry”, “green energy” are all ideas whose merits depend mostly on the CO2 hoax. Unfortunately for all humanity they will not go to the dustbin without a fight. We are going to be stuck with the detritus from the CO2 hoax for some time before the zealots and their cohorts find a real job.

An associated hoax which the American Bishops have bought into is that global warming will burdened the poor with physical catastrophe so we must cut back on carbon production. Again in fairness to the bishops, the dire predictions of rising oceans, monster hurricanes and killing droughts that were promulgated by the IPCC and others were indeed cause for concern, if there had been any truth to them. But these horrendous predictions were all lies. Lies promulgated by UN elites such as Maurice Strong as a means to a global socialist end.

The real truth is that cutting back man’s carbon footprint would be an economic catastrophe world-wide that would actually devastate the world’s poor. Nearly all production world wide is based fundamentally on carbon. Cutting carbon-based production requires cutting back on production, stymieing investment, destroying jobs all across the board in most all countries, and further debasement of the world’s currencies.

Green energy potential moreover is miniscule compared to world energy needs, is ten times as expensive in caapital cost and has no reliability unless backup up by thermal plants. It is basically a costly appendage of the CO2 hoax requiring diversion of gigantic resources in the multi-trillions of dollars that could go to aid the poor but which will have been wasted on wind mills and the like, if the climate-energy bills go through.

Even “green” workers will eventually go jobless as the economy buckles under the iron boot of anti-industrial anti-work regulations by such agencies as CARB and EPA.

Energy Economist Steven F. Hayward has analyzed the effect of the so-called 80 by 50 rule, reducing emissions by 80% by 2050. His conclusion is that this rule would set the US economy back to the days of the cotton gin. That economy could not provide anywhere near the number of jobs needed for today’s population.

CO2 regulation is a recipe for national economic disaster. Those who are on the bottom rung of the ladder will be pushed down even further by those loosing their jobs higher up. Advancing the quality of life for the poor cannot be achieved by a tanked economy in which all are poor. That applies to the economy of our state, our nation, and indeed the entire world.

This critique of the global warming hoax is equally applicable to the corrupt governments we have in both Washington and Sacramento. We have a lot of big shots and snake oil salesmen trying to get the taxpayers to pay for their many big and little bailiwicks they have written into the bills, with unbelievably corrupt political connivance. In the case of Washington, it is a hot item on the Senate floor at this writing. In the case of California the law is already on the books: it is called AB (Assembly Bill) 32 – The Global Warming Final Solutions Act of 2006.

AB 32 is a California job killer. It is like a machine gun that will wipe out business after business leaving a lot of people without work in the debris. The originators of this foul work have created a monster that will result in the further crippling of the California economy and loss of thousands of jobs. By crippling the economy of essential sectors such as construction, agriculture, energy, mining , cement , lumber, etc., the depression-like contagion will spread to all sectors of the economy leading to a mass exodus of business and massive unemployment. Silicon Valley will not escape – if you have no customers, you have no business! It is ironic that some Silicon Valley Companies blindly support AB 32, not realizing it will wipe out their customer base. Some environmental supporters of AB 32 hope for exactly that consequence – they could care less about how it will affect people, as long as it promotes depopulation of the state.

And dear American Bishops, please update your support for energy and climate solutions based on real facts that you have yourselves scientifically examined.

Unfortunately you cannot trust any government agencies or most universities on this. The corrupt zealots in these places are all counting on a permanent employment and retirement program from their forecasts and regulations, and have no scruples about killing the U.S. economy in the process. You must contact the so-called deniers, mostly retired scientists, engineers, and statisticians who have labored for years without government aid and little income. Their sense of dedication to unearthing this scandal has been nothing less that heroic. They worked for a pittance, while the zealots commanded multi-billion dollar budgets and huge research fiefdoms – all wasted.

In November 2009 the Catholic Relief Services put out a call to action urging Catholics to call their senator to support the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act”. This act (a precursor of the present Senate bill) would propel America back to the days of the cotton gin, as Hayward pointed out. It belongs in the dust-bin of history. The Bishops should retract this call for action since it was based on IPCC propaganda that has since been found to be fraudulent.

The Catholic Church made a terrible blunder with Galileo. The Church must not repeat it with the global warming hoax. Cardinal Pell spoke the truth – it is the pagan secularists, plus the Gramsci cultural Marxists of the extreme left that are using the global warming hoax to advance their statist agenda to control every facet of our lives. And that secular agenda has no space in it for the Catholic Church, or indeed any church. Gramsi envisioned the Church as the major obstacle to communism in Italy and elsewhere and advocated its infiltration and turning it to the side of Marxism. Today’s Marxists seek the same objective through the climate-energy Trojan Horse.

Ron Kilmartin, P.E.
Pleasant Hill, CA

P.S. Some references that the bishops should consult include the following:

1. Great Global Warming Blunder, How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists, by Roy W. Spencer, 2010.
2. Climate – Present, Past, and Future, Vol.I, 1972; Vol II, 1976, by H.H.Lamb.
3. Red Hot Lies How Global Warming Alarmists used Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, 2008, by Chris Horner.
4. The Hockey Stick Illusion, Climategate and the Corruption of Science, 2010,by A. W. Montford
5. Global Warming False Alarm, 2009, by Ralph B. Alexander.
6. The Real Global Warming Disaster – Is the Obsession with ‘Climate Change’ Turning out to be the most Costly Scientific Blunder in History?, 2009, by Christopher Booker.
7. Taken by Storm, 2007, by Christopher Essex and Ross McKitrick, 2007.
8. Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1500 years, 2007, by S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery
9. Climategate, A Meteorologist exposes the global warming scam, 2010, by Brian Sussman
10. Climategate, The CRUtape letters, 2010, by Steven Mosher and Thomas W. Fuller.
11. Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deceptions?, 2010, by Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts, Science and Public Policy Institute Paper.
12. Contiguous U.S. Temperature Trends Using NCDC Raw and Adjusted Data for One-Per-State Rural and Urban Station Sets, 2010, by Edward R. Long, Science and Public Policy Institute Paper.
13. Contribution of USHCN and GISS Bias in Long-Term Temperature records for a Well-Situated Rural Weather Station, 2010, by David W. Schnare, Science and Public Policy Institute Blogwatch Series.

Additionally the bishops should monitor skeptic (i.e., truthful) websites such as Whatsupwiththat, Climaterealists, Junkscience, Climateaudit, Joanne Nova, all of which have links to many more informative skeptic websites. When you count all the participants in these blogs, you have the input of literally thousands of scientists world wide. They do not get media attention since they do not agree with the media propaganda line, and they do not get government funding since they do not agree with the funding agencies.


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