The Ground Zero Mosque is a dhimmi slap in the fact to all Americans (if you do not know what dhimmi means, you better look it up).   The Muslim Brotherhood intends to make dhimmis out of all non Muslim Americans with their overthrow of the government and vcreation of a caliphate.

Here is my letter to the president on this issue in the hope he will do his duty.  If there is any response, I will also post it here.  If you agree, drop a note to the president at

May 16, 2010

Dear Mr. President:

As elected leader of the United States, sitting in the office of the Presidency, and as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, you have the duty to confront our enemies and defend the United States.

Islam, the 1400-year old enemy of the West,  has incredulously been granted permission by the City of New York to insult the people of the United States:

Islam is planning to build a 13-story Mosque nearly on the site of Ground Zero where our innocent American brethren  were killed by the cowardly Islamic terrorists.  This is to be a Wahabbi mosque, the extremist Islamist sect sponsored by the Saudi Royal Family.  Finally, striking our dhimmi faces, this abomination  is to be dedicated on 9/11, 2011,  on the tenth anniversary of that day of infamy.

This is not only a hostile affront to all Americans, it represents a bold assertion of aggressive Islamist supremacy over the American people and their Constitution, an occasion for victory parades  from Cairo to Riyadh to Jakarta, and a confirmation that the Wahabbi’s have begun the dhimmification of first the American government, and then the American people.

Your must rectify this calamity in honor of our 3,000 innocent  heroes killed by the Saudi –sponsored Wahabbi terrorists, in honor of our 3,000+ military deaths sacrificed to avenge this atrocity, and in honor of our country.  We will never be dhimmified.

You must tell the Saudi king to withdraw funding for this abomination and use your bully pulpit to chastise the mayor of New York and its governor for permitting construction of this mosque, hitting them again and again from the pulpit until they cave and the construction is disallowed.

Mosques have always been licensed by the Islamic Hadith to be used as armories and jails  for enemy prisoners.  In Iraq mosques were used  as fire-centers for attacking our troops.  And have you not heard of the Turkish Islamic Supremacist  Erdogan’s assertion that “the mosques are our barracks, the domes  are our helmets, and the minarets  are our bayonets’?  There is no question that the 13-story mosque will harbor such activities as well as seditious anti-American and anti-Semitic sermons, proselytizing, and training programs for terrorists.

This mosque must not be allowed and it is your duty to see that this den of iniquity is never built.


Ron Kilmartin
Pleasant Hill, CA


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