AB 32 is a fraud

Following  is a letter sent to the Contra Costa Times on March 24, 2010; it was not published, apparently since it does not agree with their worldview.
Subject:  AB32 is a Fraud
To Contra Costa Times
Walnut Creek, CA

Re editorial  “Landslide Clean Air Measure Deserves a chance”,  3/14/10.
It is not accurate to call AB32 a “clean air” bill. AB32  is about regulating “greenhouse gases”, not pollutants.  The word pollutant occurs but four times in AB32  in a tangential  non-regulatory manner.   “Greenhouse gases” occurs 24 times and are the only regulatory objective (*).

AB32, “The Final Global Warming Solutions Act”, and similar anti-CO2 acts (e.g., AB 1493) deserve not a chance but a trashing.  AB32 was based on the so-called hockey stick graph (*), which showed global temperature relatively constant for 1000 years and skyrocketing  in the 1980-90s.  This graph, on which AB 32 was based, has turned out to be fake based on phony statistics (*).

But now Climategate (*) has uncovered a massive, literally global deception by a relatively tiny group of elitist, ethics-challenged scoundrel scientists who collaborated to create the global warming hoax out of whole cloth.

It has been shown (*) that they messed with the historic world temperature data by removing cold stations (such as Siberian stations) from the average and adding warm stations – so-called urban heat islands – thus tilting the record to agree with their fraudulent theory, which required that the “historic” temperature rise parallel with rising CO2.   To the contrary, Dr. Roy Spencer, highly respected climatologist at the University of Alabama,  has stated (*) that there may have been no warming at all since 1973, when some of the same elitist cabal  were crying fire about an ice age.

AB32 is thus founded not on real science but on fraud.  While it should be erased from the law books, a temporary hold such as proposed in the proposition has more chance of implementation than getting the California legislature to reconsider its erroneous handiwork.  Otherwise AB32 will cost California dearly, piling on top of the worst job and financial crisis in history.
The editorial cited the bland evaluation of the cost of AB 32 that was derived by the legislative analyst (*).   However, this was merely a review of CARB’s estimate and it was not quantitative.   In an independent quantitative report (*) prepared for the California Small Business Roundtable, AB32 was found to have an up-front cost of $100 billion, and an annual cost of over $182 billion in gross state output.  This is 1.5x the entire current budget for the state!  The estimated job loss for small businesses alone is 1.1 million jobs.   Such costs are unsustainable and unjustified.   Californians should sign the initiative (*)  to put the role back of AB32 on the November ballot.
(*) References are listed at https://ronkilmartin.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/5/

Ron Kilmartin
Consulting Engineer
Water and Power Resources
Pleasant Hill, CA

References to Take a Turn article (submitted 3/24/10)  CC Times  ‘AB32  IS A FRAUD’
Re editorial  “Landmark  Clean Air Measure Deserves a chance”,  3/14/10.

The references are in the order of the (*) symbols in the article; there are a couple (*) that refer to two successive references.

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(and titled by Attorney General Jerry Brown) as



11. A signable copy of the initiative can be downloaded here:  http://www.suspendab32.org/


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