December 4, 2013


My generation was unfortunately not paying much attention to the wave of Communists – A.K.A. Socialists – that overtook the educational system over the last 50 years more or less (See Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring- Down and How it Happened – By Ralph de Toledano). Thus recent generations have been indoctrinated to accept socialism over capitalism, which is the same as substituting mind-numbing serfdom for the freedom and liberty which has made this country the greatest ever.
Here are some recommended readings on socialism, adapted from a facebook “lecture” to young members of the current generation.
F.A. HAYEK, The Road to Serfdom
V. Havel et al, The Power of the Powerless
R. Conquest, Reflections on a Ravaged Century, Ch. 6, “Into the Soviet Morass, and Ch. 7.
George Orwell, 1984.
Orwell’s 1984 description of TV sets that scan the whole room to report any deviations from Big Brother’s orders is particularly applicable to today’s TV technology. There is a movie of 1984 that has gotten high ratings. Recommend the book first.
R. Conquest has additionally written extensively on the Soviet Great Terror. See Reflections… for a list of his other works on Soviet Russia – some two dozen or so.
There is a biography of Stalin available on Netflix. He starved 20 million people in the Ukraine and another 25 million Soviet citizens. died in WWII, as well as death to millions more. The  Communists  in charge of the educational system have not encouraged students to see this film.


The One Bay Area Plan of ABAG/MTC is an Attack on the Suburbs

November 17, 2013


The 1070 foot new MTC transit center that will tower above the San Francisco skyline with about 53 floors, all filled with unelected bureaucrats, mostly enviro-crazies, “stakeholders” who are claiming a stake on suburban property rights. They intend to take over the planning and governing functions of Bay Area suburbs, destroying the time-honored local control which we have enjoyed since the Nation’s founding. They intend to run roughshod over homeowner property rights, forcing abandonment of homes and transfer of home-owners to anti-family block-houses located at transit centers. These blockhouses are not only anti-family, they are frequently crime centers, such as New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Detroit and others, many of which were finally destroyed by the government that built them.
The suburbs will be subject to stakeholder regulations calling for reducing roadway widths, reducing use of automobiles, and restoration of nature for wild animals in areas now occupied by private homes and local businesses.
The 1070 foot building and the unelected bureaucrats and stakeholders will all be paid for by taxes on suburban property owners. The best solution is for Pleasant Hill and other East Bay suburbs is to get out of MTC and ABAG. Resign, as Corte Madera has already done.
Below is a reference to the SFBAYAREA Property Rights organization website; they have been at the forefront of resistance to the One Bay Area Plan. They have publications, videos, and great blogs for informing on this issue.
If you have heard of UN Agenda 21, One Bay Area its local implementation through an organization called “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” (ICLEI). This organization has already subverted over 600 cities and counties across the country. While not authorized by Congress, Agenda 21 is being actively implemented by many federal departments. Much of the One Bay Area Plan has been adapted from “Urban Trialogues – Localizing Agenda 21”, published by the UN Habitat in Kenya.
In California we have a collection of laws that push implementation of Agenda 21. These include Arnold Schwarzenegger’s AB 32, Steinberg’s S375, and the Steinberg-Brown S1, among others. S1 calls for super-agencies like MTC/ABAG to replace local government throughout the state. Governor Brown did not sign S1 however the legislature promises to bring it up again next session.
The Obama Administration’s war on the suburbs has integrated Agenda 21 into its future plans to ethnically balance all the neighborhoods in the country with their “Affirmatively Further Fair Housing” (AFFH). An excellent reference is “Spreading the Wealth – How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, by Stanley Kurtz. According to Kurtz, this will be a major Obama thrust in his last 3 years of this term.
Reference to federal sites:
The following reference is from the President’s own “Building One America” (BOA) website. This policy statement mirrors the .gov website almost exactly, demonstrating the influence of BOA on the government programs:
Tomorrow night (10/30/13) at 5:30 PST a Glenn Beck Special on Agenda 21 will be shown live, focusing on Plan Bay Area. This will be free to view. It can be streamed from The Blaze on demand after air time.


May 2, 2013

By Ron Kilmartin
C.A.I.R. , the Muslim Brotherhood and etc., have been given a free run by Obama to castrate American agencies that have heretofore been the first line of home defense against Islamic terrorism, such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and a myriad of smaller organizations. What used to be the best of the best is now a collection of Keystone Cops agencies (apologies to Charlie Chaplin), afraid of the shadow of Islam.
The leadership of all these agencies should be fired. They seem to value their job and retirement program with greater regard than their country. They should be replaced with one umbrella czar appointed by and directly responsible to Congress, NYPD top cop Chief Kelly who knows how to handle the Islamic surveillance problem.
Chief Kelly should have full authority to fire and hire to restore these agencies to first-rate positions defending the country against Islamic jihad. http materials-under-fire-after-boston-j.html

Common Core – An Obama Milestone on the road to serfdom

April 13, 2013

Ron Kilmartin, April 13, 2013
If you are now or will be raising young children in K12 public schools, you owe it to them and to yourselves to find out about Common Core, an Obama program for collectivizing K12 children. A good quick summary can be found in this article by Dean Kalahar: Common Core: Nationalized State-Run Education.
Kalahar traces some of the origins of Common Core back to the cultural Marxist Frankfurt School of Social Research, whose staff later took over Columbia’s teacher college and propagated cultural Marxism throughout American academe.
Parents in some of the states have started to push back, causing some of those states to outlaw common core. The facebook page below is a good resource, and the columns of writer Michelle Malkin titled Rotten to the Core are another. Here is the link to the first article in Malkin’s series:
She has exposed many of Common Core’s mal-features in math, reading, and indoctrination.
The Facebook Page for Parents and Teachers Against Common Core is:

Women in Combat Arms: No!

March 11, 2013

Women in the Ground Combat Arms: No!
By Ron Kilmartin
Top Defense leaders, ages 61- 75, and senior women officers of likely ages 35 to 50, who are without any small unit combat arms experience, are willy-nilly setting up the 18-25 age cohort that actually performs small- unit combat for failure by introducing young women into the highly charged atmosphere of direct combat, melding the high-tension combat environment with the high-tension sexual attraction characteristic of that age cohort, for both men and women. This ruling is irresponsible and reflects a lack of thorough consideration, moral judgment and common sense.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, 75, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, 61, recently announced that from now on women may serve in the combat arms of the armed services including army infantry, armor, artillery branches. The SECDEF and the Chairman are political appointments by the president, so it may be assumed that as good yes men they are merely carrying out President Obama’s orders.
Neither of these DOD gentlemen have had any small unit combat experience, according to their DOD biographies (1,2). Panetta served as a peacetime intelligence officer for a few years. General Dempsey deployed in the 100-hour Desert Storm ground attack (1991) with the 3rd Armored Division, however his assignment is not described in the bibliography (2). In the Iraq war, Dempsey took command of the 1st Armored Division in Bagdad in 2003 for 14 months. As a general officer his combat experience was at a level well above that of small units. Combat contact with the enemy at the division level cannot be compared to combat contact at the infantry squad level – where for 24/7 it is kill or be killed. His small unit command experience was limited to peace-time assignments. President Obama of course has had no military experience whatsoever – or does the skeet range count? I find it offensive that they came up with this policy out of thin air, not knowing from real personal experience what they were advocating and its willy-nilly discriminatory placing of young women in extra-hazardous combat assignments.
Other champions of this ruling are relatively high ranking women career officers who perceive that a “glass ceiling” prevents them from rising to the top dog level (e.g., Army Chief of Staff) because they do not have combat arms experience. These folks are generally senior, in the age range 30-50, majors to brigadier general, of those I have casually observed who have been trotted out on television as supporters of the ruling. They included helicopter, transport and even some warthog pilots. While some ground-based women have been exposed to ground combat situations, and indeed there have been female casualties including killed in action in Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan, their combat participation was tangential to the mission of the supporting services, such as transportation, medical, quartermaster and military police. Most of their assignments appear to not have put them in potentially direct 24-hour daily contact with male counterparts in combat against enemy troops.
Additionally we have the Gloria Steinem’s of the world who see everything through rose-colored glass ceilings but who have no idea of the hellish stresses imposed on the combat arms at the small unit level. Gloria by the way clocks in at 78 and has no fear of ever being drafted for a combat unit.
Senator John McCain, 76, believes that women in combat units would be OK provided they are required to measure up to the same physical standards as males. McCain’s awesome heroics as a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton are well known, however he is also proposing rules for very young people in combat situations that are simply not part of his personal experience as a Navy pilot or Hanoi Hilton prisoner-of-war. Senator McCain ignores the physiological and psychological aspects of throwing 18-25 year olds of both sexes together in close quarter combat situations on the battlefield where endurance, sleep deprivation and lack of sanitary facilities accompany the kill or be killed environment.
The 24/7 nature of small unit combat eliminates the opportunity for privacy for bathing or bodily functions. There is no privacy in the foxhole or its mechanized counterparts, and there is no time for chivalry. This is counter to the experience, combat or otherwise, of female pilots, nurses, doctors, or staff at the division or corps level or above or air base, where privacy and hot meals and rest time are usually maintained even in offensive operations. And sexual encounters at these higher commissioned levels are not as likely to get people killed.
We have to recognize that the Navy is in a different situation with women assigned to combat ships, all of which have privacy arrangements for females, hot meals, television, and other comforts not realized for the forward ground-based combat arms. Nevertheless Navy experience is Exhibit 1 for the effect of putting young people of both sexes in close quarters – pregnancy rates that are expectable when you throw young folks together for long cruises at sea.
And what if the country has to institute a draft again in the future? There are countries with massive ground armies that potentially could become our battlefield enemies, and the volunteer services would not be large enough, requiring institution of the draft. The PC boogyman would require that women be included in the draft as well as men. Draftees in the army ground services were formerly called cannon-fodder in the line charges of the 1800s and earlier. Or machine-gun fodder in WWI. While infantry training and equipment today are far superior to that of WWI or II or the Korean War, people with the Rifleman MOS (military occupational specialty number) or equivalent (e.g., medic or corpsman) continue to sustain higher casualty rates than any other MOS in the service. Many of their number have fallen and lie in military cemeteries throughout the world and here in the USA. And many come home to a long lonely life in Veteran’s hospitals with severe wounds that disable them for life. These wounded veterans bear a horrific lifetime burden for their country. Female recruits or draftees into the combat arms would be required to risk maiming and death due to enemy action, adverse weather, or possibly bear the hell of a lifetime with severed limbs or other bodily damage, and could also end up in Veteran hospitals for life. We abhor such a result for male veterans but it is unconscionable to think of young women following this same empty life path.
Jan Sherbin’s article “How will women fair in combat? Look to the Soviets for Answers” (3) acknowledges the important combat role that Soviet women played in WWII. Durbin noted that in the 1930s in the Soviet Union placed great emphasis on raising a generation of physically strong people -both male and female – who viewed themselves as defenders of the Motherland. However, that was a Communist all-powerful tyranny, and the youth had no choice except the gulag or be shot. That is impossible in America, a democratic republic subject to the will of the people. So our women as draftees or recruits would be of the average general health and strength of the entire female population. The standard U.S training for draftees would never be sufficient to produce the equivalent strength and endurance of the WWII Soviet woman.
Israel has had experience with women in combat. In Israel’s war of liberation (1948), one-eyed general Moshe Dayan is reported (4) to have said “we had a constant fear of what the Arabs would do to our women if they captured them; the {Israeli] men could not stand the psychological stress of watching women being killed and captured”, and he said that having women in combat units “knocked down the unit combat effectiveness”. Since then, women have not been allowed to serve in the Israeli combat arms.
Lt. General Jerry Boykin (retired) helped to start Special Forces and commanded numerous small unit operations between 1970 and 2000. His later assignments included Commanding General Special Forces, and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. While admiring the record of women in combat support (including warthog pilots) in Iraq and Afghanistan, General Boykin points to the dilemma imposed on the small unit leaders in such arms as the infantry, Seals, Special forces, and others. “These ground units have the mission of closing with and destroying the enemy by fire and maneuver, direct assaults, raids, ambushes, and close combat. . . “Suffice it to say their personal hygiene regimen and normal bodily functions were humiliating enough among mates of the same sex. What would it have been like for a mixed-sex unit? . . . ”Leaders of these units must be focused like a laser on keeping their soldiers alive and defeating the enemy. It is unreasonable to encumber them with the additional burden of worrying about how they provide privacy for the few women under their command during stressful and very dangerous operations. It is not the same as being a combat pilot who returns to an operating bases or an aircraft carrier after the fight, where separate facilities are available” (5).
The writer was in the Korean war in 1952-53 as a heavy weapons platoon leader, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division. This period of that war was somewhat like WWI  with trenches and bunkers in a semi-stationary main Iine of resistance (MLR), and with several roughly company-size forward outposts across typical division MLRs. Most of the action at that time was at the outpost level and in combat patrols. These actions often involved close-in combat with a fanatical enemy. The outposts were often contested territory with one side holding for a few weeks or months only to lose it as the other side again overwhelmed it. It is difficult to project female soldiers in small units with little in the way of facilities in that period of the Korean war, or in the earlier and tougher part of the Korean war in which rapid offensive action and hellish retreats were required under extreme adverse weather conditions and crazed Chinese Communist charges with fixed bayonets and bugles blaring. Aside from the enemy, cold weather can and did inflict extreme pain and death. Frostbite and gangrene can require surgical removal of limbs. If the winter clothing and equipment does not get through to the combat squads and platoons when needed, a not unusual happening in a rapidly moving situation, the entire unit could be destroyed by the combined winter and combat environment. They are still digging up Napoleon’s cannon-fodder infantry (War of 1814) from the frozen grounds of Russia. Such are the environments that a universal draft would place female draftees (or recruits for that matter) in the combat arms. And extreme heat such as encountered in Iraq with temperatures soaring to 125 ◦F or more stresses the body in other ways, such as dehydration, lack of sanitation, lack of shower and washing facilities. Urban search and destroy combat carrying 60 lb packs, ammo and weapons, with the enemy in civilian garb hiding his weapons, is not a job for young women. Every door you kick open may lead to a well-organized enemy close-range response. War is hell, regardless of the way it is fought.
So we have here a situation of top-level defense officials without any small unit combat experience issuing a DOD edict and high ranking women officers lobbying to become eligible to wear stars on their shoulders, if they are allowed to be assigned to the combat arms. But they are not and will not ever be in the direct combat arms at the squad or tank level where they would have to engage in kill-or-be-killed direct combat. Today’s senior women officers desiring removal of this “glass ceiling “ will never see the reality of small unit combat since they are already at an advanced rank, and they are moreover too old to perform direct physical combat at the small unit level. Future young female officers assigned to combat units under the DOD edict would start out as lieutenants at the combat platoon level and soon advance to higher, safer and more congenial levels with privacy and sanitation facilities, if they lived through the platoon level assignment. Or they could rise to a higher, safer, and more congenial level in peacetime with service in a small combat unit in peacetime (e.g., like General Dempsey). But that really does not account for small unit combat experience.
Are we to risk the lives of 18-25 year old women to satisfy the ego trips that these senior women officers want to pursue so they can be a general or chief of staff? Basically young enlisted women will have their lives and personal privacy put on the line so the glass ceiling lobby get a crack at general’s stars. This is a sickening outcome of allowing young women draftees or recruits to be assigned to the combat arms.
It would be better for women with advanced military career ambitions to follow that route through the Navy, where they could indeed command large ships and even become a joint chief. This probably also applies to an Air Force career for women, in which combat aircraft personnel are likely in the more mature age range 25-30 or older, because of the extensive training required. The relative maturity of this age cohort tends to less intensive psycho-physio stress than the younger cohort, and the facilities for privacy and other amenities at a combat-mission airbase are not adverse.
In a series of articles in the Washington Post since the DOD announcement, Kathleen Parker, syndicated staff writer for the Washington Post, explored the women in combat concept in detail. In one of them, Parker excoriated both political parties in Congress for their failure to debate this DOD edict: “Democrats may be merely falling in line with their commander but the Republicans seem to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They’ve been slapped around for so long they have become sympathetic to their captors. … ”That our Congress is accepting this change without any debate isn’t progress. It is a dereliction of duty, and one is tempted to say suggestive of cowardice.” (5). Parker is right. As a father of daughters and grandfather of granddaughters the writer cannot accept the concept of them ever being even remotely exposed to a draft that could place them in small unit search and destroy combat. The DOD edict authorizing women in the ground combat arms must be revoked. Congress, do your job!

(3) Jan Sherbin “How will women fare in Combat? Look to the Soviets for Answers” Contra Costa Times, February 3, 2013.
(4) “Women in Combat: Why Rush to Judgment?” The Backgrounder, Heritage Foundation, No. 836, 6/14/1991, Appendix, General Andrew J. Gatsis USA (retired) testified before the House Committee on Armed services, November, 1979 as to a statement to him by General Moshe Dayan concerning women in the Israeli armed services. The base article and this appendix also lists related items of interest the last time this subject was broached in Congress (1991), e.g., relaxed requirements for female cadets at West Point.
Ron Kilmartin is a consulting engineer in Pleasant Hill, CA


November 7, 2012


Ron Kilmartin

Obama has given warnings on the ultimate thrust of his plan for Obama’s America in TERM 2. This list is based on these warnings:
1. Implementation of Obama care, turning over the care of our bodies to mindless bureaucrats, with exorbitant taxes and death panels.
2. Demand religious institutions and hospitals to conform to his atheistic Obamacare regulations promoting abortion and sexual promiscuity.
3. Implement a civilian security force just as strong, just as well financed as the Defense Department. That would be over 200,000 storm troopers with a budget of X trillion, – i.e., same as DOD. Why would we need 200,000 storm troopers? Is that what he thinks is necessary to put down a middle-class revolution? Sounds a bit like the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet secret police: NKVD. Further he bought 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo – enough to drill each of us with 40 rounds apiece. Hollow points are illegal for all the world’s armed forces – outlawed by Geneva convention. They can turn a 45-cal bullet into a 1’ Explosive inside your body. Why Mr. O? Why?
4. Take over other American industries like he did GM and attempt to make them a socialist success story, like the British railroads ( a failed socialist boondoggle which Maggie Thatcher returned to private enterprise). Yes, the government knows how to run a business, e.g., the Post Office, or industrial investments, like the bankrupt Solyndra at a cost of #500 million of taxpayer money.
5. Impose Chicago Style Regionalism to destroy suburbs through Building One America (BOA), run by his former Alinsky cronies. BOA to administer all grant funds granted to regional councils. Regional councils to supplant cities and kidnapped suburbs and their school districts as new and only government authority. Suburban property taxes to be rechanneled to the cities. Role of state government will be subservient to the Washington tyrant. The aim of the councils will be to redistribute the wealth of the suburbs to the cities. This is an effort distinct from Agenda 21, which has overlapping objectives in terms of abolishing property rights and living in Chicago style projects built around railroad stations. A major feature of this thrust will be racist, pitting Blacks and Latinos against Caucasians and Asians.

6. Continued implementing the stealth objective of United Nations Agenda 21 cramming the people into apartments. The enviro-nazis love this agenda because it undercuts the family unit by not allowing living space for raising kids in a traditional American environment. It thus undercuts further the social fabric, discouraging marriage and reproduction, and thus aiding their holiest satanic goal, population reduction.

7. Subscription to the U.N. Convention on the rights of the child, signing a treaty to make this U.N. mandate from hell supersede our constitution and the right of parents to control and raise their children. No spanking!

8. Subscribe to the U.N. treaty on gun control superseding the Second Amendment of the Bill of rights.

9. Subscribe to the U.N. (Islamic) Anti-Blasphemy Treaty preventing Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights to say whatever they want, on any subject, including religions.

10. Subscribe to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, imposing on freedom of the seas for our Navy and Merchant Marine and on our national sovereignty over coastal lands, and imposing yet another wealth distribution scheme.

11. Continue implementation of EPA rules for destroying American business and American jobs. He has no concept of how the American economic system works and the fatal blow it will launch on the economy; or, maybe, he is not really stupid but cunningly evil, with an objective of exactly that: destroying the economy so that a new utopian gulag can be built from the ashes.

12. Wipe out the coal industry and with it cause major decrease in electric power availability and reliability. A direct effect will be decline in jobs throughout industry and computer dependent white collar jobs, and further no-growth as our industry moves from first class to 3rd world class with only intermittent low grade electric power (Ask the flooded and electric powerless people of Staten Island and New Jersey coast line how they like the desolation of broken down society and no water or electric power).

13. Introduction of sharia law in the American legal system for the Muslims, and dhimmifying the American public by providing the Muslims all the trappings of supremacy that their religion tells them they should have. Recall that Obama said that the call to prayer Is the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. We can assume that we will be hearing this 5 times a day on loudspeakers throughout America. (I wonder if he has that on his i-pad for praying 5 times a day?).

14. Continuing supporting the climate hoax and using it to stop oil, gas and coal production, together with the cap and trade plan to administer the coup de grace our power utilities and to any businesses still standing.

15. Massive increase in taxes on the middle class amounting to wealth confiscation. This will not only be through income tax but also massive sales taxes and Obamacare taxes on everything.

16. Continued downsizing of the military and weakening of our global power to protect our allies and control or suppression of petty tyrants with weapons of mass destruction. Most of all limiting the military capability for defending the nation.

17. Continued do-nothing policy on the illegal alien problem, leading to murderous criminal gang expansion throughout the country on a scale not known since prohibition
18. Continue a Middle East policy of blindly attempting to foster democracy in Muslim societies. As their leaders have often proclaimed, democracy is evil and not compatible with Islam. Paraphrasing Einstein, continuing to attempt the same failed solutions again and again and expecting a different result is pure insanity.
19. Continuing to ignore our ally Israel and the need to draw a line in the sand against Iran as Netanyahu called for.
20. Continuing to fail to follow up opportunities of the moment, when the Iranian people rose up against the Mullah regime. He sided with the Mullahs
21. Continuing to follow Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals to lead from behind, while our enemies follow Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
22. IF elected to a second term his overriding objective will be to get a 3rd term by whatever hook or crook he can get it, including maybe a new Amendment or a burn-the-Reichstag approach circumventing Congress completely.
These are just the highlights of Obama Term 2. Wait till he sics Valerie Jarrett on their enemies. Re-education gulags? Maybe. The FEMA camps are ready.
Further substantiating information on all these points can be found on Google and other search engines.

The Diabolic DEMPUB axis – Vote them out!

September 11, 2012


The Diabolic DEMPUB axis – Vote them out!

September 11, 2012                               

Ron Kilmartin

Democratic Party Politicians have a diabolic symbiosis with the public employee unions, herein the “DEMPUB” axis of evil.

Where in the Ten Commandments is there any restriction on pushing your high on-the-hog living and gold-plated retirement costs on to the progeny of real workers (and even their own) out to the 2nd or 3rd  or umth  generation?  The DEMPUBs behave like there is none. 

God in all His wisdom probably did not think  that man was capable of such a diabolic evil, so He did not specifically covered generational theft in the Ten Commandments.  It probably come under Number 7, “Thou shalt not steal”, which covers real-time theft, but out in the future for 10 to 60 years or more?   Number 10 –  “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”  can hardly apply to yet unborn “neighbors” who will not be born until the exploiting DEMPUBs are themselves 6 feet under (or maybe in the 4th Circle of Dante’s Inferno -greed).

Indeed, where in the laws of man is such an evil covered?   Theft?  But theft from people not even born yet?  The actual crime, the theft, does not occur until the perpetrators are long dead.  So there is no way that the laws of man can get at these thieves.  The future children (who are lucky enough to not be aborted under Democratic Party guidelines)  get tabbed at birth with their great and great-great grandparent’s public union bills for their life of fatted luxury and gold plated pensions, and with the Democrat politician’s reelection financing for term after term over a lifetime (plus a gold plated pension)?

This is not just a city or county problem.  It is the problem of every school district, every fire district, every unelected government council, the state government in Sacramento and all its agencies, and the federal government, including Congress and right up to the White House, where the current Dear Leader is the national champion bar none of the DEMPUBS.

We need a new ethic for setting compensation for public employee unions, a new rule that their average salary cannot exceed the average salary and benefits of the private sector taxpayers that pay their salary, including all health and retirement costs, just like everybody else, and no more guaranteed retirement checks at taxpayer expense.  They must guarantee their own retirement.  If they do not like it, they can always join the private sector.

The DEMPUBs are raiding our pockets and our kids and future kids pockets every day.  The politicians have always been and are today in the hands of the public employee unions.  On November 6 however, the politicians fall into the voters’ hands. 

On November 6th Voters should take out every sitting  Democratic politician and  Rhino (from city council to the White House) as they are all in the hands of the public employee unions and have happily participated in this generational  theft, sapping our wealth as well as our progeny’s wealth before they are even born!

It does not matter who you vote for, just vote the present gang of thieves  out!  If there is no opponent, write in your own name or someone else, or Donald Duck.  Even a vote for a new Democrat would be OK provided he/she abjures union support (that will be the day, like when hell freezes over).

There may be a Democrat or Rhino politician somewhere who have never given in to the temptation to take Union backing, but he or she would be a rare bird indeed.  In fact, cheers for that person, he or she deserves re-election!  The thing for voters to remember is show the current mob the door.


2016 Obama’s America

September 3, 2012

2016 Obama’s America

Re:  American Thinker Article on 2016 Obama’s America *

 comment   by Ron  Kilmartin 8/31/2012

D’Souza did a great job on pre-Chicago Obama. The movie needs a part 2 – Obama in Chicago and a follow up on “President Gamaliel”, (Gamaliel Foundation is where Obama  cut his Alinsky teeth). based on Stanley Kurtz’s book “Spreading the Wealth – how Obama is robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities”. Kurtz brings to life all of Obama’s Alinskyite associates and mentors, their plans for regionalism (cities stealing suburban wealth and dissolving their authority into the cities) and follows the establishment of “Building One America”, successor to Gamaliel, and prime promoter of the war on the suburbs. BOA held a White House conference on July 18,2011, led by Obama’s old cronies and mentors. Obama’s “Sustainable Communities Initiative” forces regional bodies to develop regional equity plans. This was Obama’s first regionalism thrust. Kurtz shows that regionalism is an integral part of Obama’s entire transformation plan, integrated with redistribution of wealth, Obamacare, Climate change, Energy and the rest, possibly using Alinskyite agitation techniques in his second term.

A recent (8/2012) American Thinker paper titled “Obama’s Three-Tiered Wealth Redistrbution Plan: Individual, Regional and Global” (Anon.), highlights Kurtz’s book and Obama’s Senate Bill “Global Poverty Act of 2007” to spend an additional $845 billion from US taxpayers overseas over 13 years, as part of his plan to “change the world”.

Kurtz’s exposure of the Obama Chicago syndicate ranks with Eliot Ness’s work on the Mafia back in the 1930s. I would advise Mr. Kurtz to watch his back. The media never touched on any of this; why is that? Let me guess!

* Read more:


September 3, 2012


Ron Kilmartin

September 2, 2012

The history of the 20th Century shows that it only takes a small ruthless power-seeking gang to con a population, take over a country, install a dictatorship, and impose one tyranny or another. The first step is usually to take over a party or establish a new one – to have a powerful dedicated organization of street gangs and loyal leaders. The 20th Century is replete with such human disasters.

The Islamists of North America are converging on Charlotte, NC for a Jumah at the same time as the Democratic National Convention.  The Dems have invited a contingent of Islamic Imams and supporters to speak.  Recently, the President has inexplicitly had the Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of America, as guests of the White House, and he has supported their take-over of Egypt.

According to Pam Geller’s column today (9/2/12), over 20,000 Muslims are expected in Charlotte by the “Bureau of Indigenous Muslims Affairs (BIMA) BIMA appears to be a deceptive ploy for the reader to compare with the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, and to support their latest taqiyya (lie for sake of Islam) that they were here in America before the American Indians.

That is quite a gang (The DNC is expecting only 35,000+15,000 journalists ( ), so 20,000 Islamists amount to a 40% increase over the non-Islamists.  As a group, or collection of groups, the Islamists seek the power to establish an American Caliphate and establish Islam over all other religions.

Are they seeking to take over the Democratic Party in Charlotte? The Obama cabal has made it plain that the Islamists are welcome into the Party.  However, at this convention the Progressives, Unions and the Enviros (who are the party owners) will likely be in charge, leaving not much room for interference by an Islamist gang, that wants to install an Islamist Caliphate.  However, Islamist gangs are expert at agitation and getting their way, probably even better than the Alinskyites.  If it were to happen, it would not be the first time.

For once I am cheering for the Democratic Party Owners to hang on to the control of their party!  Do not let the Islamist camel’s nose under the tent, regardless of Obama’s naïve love affair with Islam.  If they do get control of the party, it is the end of you, your party, and it is the end of America. If you think these guys are a joke, you are drowning in a politically correct sea of ignorance.



August 11, 2012

California  Prepares for Global Warming

My Letter to Editor, Contra Costa Times (submitted but not published by Times)

Re “California Prepares for Global Warming”, CC Times 8/1/12.  This article refers to California state propaganda supporting the carbon dioxide myth – the myth than man-made carbon dioxide causes global warming. These state documents naturally support the myth since the writer bureaucrats and consultants  would lose their jobs if AB32 and S375 were dethroned as state law.  Why dethrone them?

These two bills are a hand-in-hand set of laws that are basically an early implementation of UN Agenda 21, which calls for private property to be turned over to the state either through regulation or eminent domain; movement of people to urban stack-and-pack housing, surrender of the suburbs to “nature”, sky-high energy costs, and government by unelected councils (e.g., soviets).  They are the forerunner of state socialism and tyranny, and the loss of liberty and freedom..  It can be argued that these bills and associated bills that depend on the global warming  myth are major causes of the economic funk the state is in, because of their slash and burn policy towards  business throughout the state.